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About our Sale Cattle

All our Highland cattle for sale will be registered with the American Highland Cattle Association (AHCA). We have been members since 2003 and routinely register all our breeding Highland cattle with AHCA.
When you purchase registered Highland cattle from us we will complete all the tranfer requirements to the you the buyer and ensure you receive the registrations in your name.

If you are interested in animals we have for sale feel free to contact us using any of the contact information at the bottom of the page. Normal procedure is that all sale cattle will be health checked by a vet before any animal is transported, ensuring health requirements for whatever region they are going to are met. Breeding age bulls are fertility checked.

You may find our cattle for sale in some sales. Currently, the Heartland Sale in Lebanon, MO has a few of our animals in the April sale.
We have a small effort cross breeding Highland with British White cows. There are some intriguing calves from this crossing and those also will occasionally come up for sale.
Feel free to contact us even if there are no animals on the page, we might just not have gotten them up here yet.

Sale Animals

Bull - J Bar T's Sean (Awaiting Registration from AHCA)

Sean is a coming yearling prospect bull. Weaned in January, he is trained on the halter, can be easily haltered and handled in the pasture. In temperament, he is calm and willing.

His appearance is clean and neat all the way around. Flat down the back, solid and wide in the hip and the rib. His shoulders are sturdy and blend into a nice clean front. His head is classic in Highland appearance.

On the dam side, he comes out of the Spring Mountain Becca's Sorcha. Sorcha is a sound, balanced cow from superb bloodlines. On her sire side is Autumn Mist Simeons through Jock of Glengorm, as well as Sunset genetics. On her sire side is Gusgurlach of Windrush. All in the 3 generation pedigree.

His sire is a Canadian bred AI bull, Caledonia's Calling Heritage bringing Calum Seoladir 2nd of Killochries on his sire side and Scottish, Canadian and American influences on the dam side that include legendary bloodlines through Five Star and Canadian Glenn Osprey Farm (GOF) influences. The opportunities to access these rare genetics are very limited in the United States.

Both sire and dam contribute heritage Highland characteristics into this fine herd bull prospect. He can be competitive in any show arena at any level or could fit nicely into any fold as herd bull for for beef or show cattle breeding programs.

J Bar T's Sean

J Bar T's Sean


The steers below are for sale and available now. All have been vaccinated for Blackleg and Pinkeye, and ViraShield. They are wormed and treated with Ultra Boss. All have been halter trained and handle well. The sire for these steers is Caledonia's Calling Heritage.

If you are looking to get into Highland Cattle young steers could be a good option. Purchasing young steers can provide the opportunity to handle and raise Highland animals without the need to worry about breeding challenges.

The opportunity to raise your own beef, know how you fed and finished it give one great confidence in the beef they consume.

J Bar T Fullblood Highland Steer

J Bar T Fullblood Highland Steer

J Bar T Cross Highland Steer

J Bar T HighPark (3/4) Steer

J Bar T Fullblood Highland Steer

J Bar T Fullblood Highland Steer